Lacesa Gli inimitabili
Realizzato con il contributo della Regione Autonoma della Sardegna - L.R. 2/2007
Foreign office
Lacesa Soc. Coop. is structured with a special Foreign Office that it can be contacted for all necessities that concern marketing in other countries.
The Foreign Office is able to communicate in English, German, Spanish and French, both by telephone and mail.
All highly specialized personnel are able to bring forth all the commercial negotiations up to the consignment of the commodity, financial management of the orders and post-sale consultation.
The Foreign office will be operational from September 2010.
E.mail Foreign Trade:
Telephone and Fax: +39.079.2115142
Open to the pubblic:
Monday/Friday at 8.30/12.30
Monday/ and Thursday at 14.30/15.40
Closed Saturday